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Title Evaluation of validity of the new diabetic foot ulcer assess
Abstract ABSTRACT We developed a new assessment tool for diabetic foot ulcers because no such tool specifically for diabetic foot ulcer exists. The diabetic foot ulcer assessment scale (DFUAS) has 11 domain items. The minimum and maximum scores on this scale are 0 and 98, respectively; higher scores indicate more severe wounds. The aim of this study was to evaluate the concurrent validity, construct validity and predictive validity of DFUAS in Indonesia. A prospective cohort study was conducted on patients with diabetic foot ulcer at Kitamura wound clinic in Indonesia. A total of 62 patients with 70 diabetic foot ulcers were assessed with DFUAS tool, Bates-Jensen wound assessment tool (BWAT), and pressure ulcer scale for healing (PUSH). Concurrent validity was determined by correlation of the DFUAS total score with the external criterion (BWAT, PUSH, and wound surface area). A comparison between the total DFUAS score and chronic wound status was made to determine construct validity. We also analyzed 41 wounds that were followed for 4 weeks to evaluate predictive validity. The correlation coefficient total scores of the DFUAS against the BWAT, PUSH, and wound surface area were 0.92, 0.87, and 0.82, respectively. The comparison of the total DFUAS score with chronic wound status was p
  1. Arisandi,Defa
  2. Oe,Makoto
  3. Roselyne Yotsu,Rie
  4. Matsumoto,Masaru
  5. Ogai,Kozuhiro
  6. Nakagami,Gojiro
  7. Tamaki,Takeshi
  8. Suriadi,Suriadi
  9. Sanada,Hiromi
  10. Sugama,Junko
Refereed Yes, this version has been refereed
Status Published
Journal or Publications Title Wound Rep Reg (2016) 24 876–884 VC 2016 by the Wound Healing Society
ISBN DOI:10.1111/wrr.12464
Publicher Wiley Online Library
Official URL
Volume 24
Number 5
Page Range 876 to 884
Date 01 Juli 2016


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