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Title The effect of cinnamon on glucose control in patients with t
Abstract The objective of this study was to examine pre- and post-glucose serum concentration levels in diabetes mellitus patients after the administration of cinnamon powder. A quasi-experimental design was done with 40 patients, with pre- and post-test non-equivalent control groups, without randomization. The first group was given a cinnamon powder extract solution to be taken 3 times per day and designated as the experimental group. The dose amounted to 3 g of cinnamon spread over the day, after breakfast, lunch, and dinner, respectively. The subjects were instructed to take the 3 g of cinnamon immediately following their meals. The patients with type 2 diabetes in the intervention group were aged 54.4 ± 8.7 years, and in the control group were aged 56.2 ± 10.5 years. There was a significant difference between the pre- and post-serum glucose concentration tests between the two groups. The measurements for the intervention group were 311.4 ± 96 and 185.8 ± 21, respectively (p = 0.000), while the control group pre-test was 277.1 ± 74, and the post-test was 205.3 ± 45 (p = 0.003). The results of this study demonstrated that intake of cinnamon reduces serum glucose in type 2 diabetes. Key words: Cinnamon, diabetes mellitus, blood glucose.
  1. Suriadi,Suriadi
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Status Published
Journal or Publications Title International Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences
ISBN ISSN 2006-9723 DOI: 10.5897/IJMMS2013.0964
Publicher Academic Journals
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Volume 5
Number 10
Page Range 0 to 437
Date 01 Oktober 2010


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