Suriadi (2016), Relationship between maceration and wound healing on diabeti, Article

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Title Relationship between maceration and wound healing on diabeti
Abstract Abstract The aim of this study was to clarify the relationship between maceration and wound healing. A prospective longitudinal design was used in this study. The wound condition determined the type of dressings used and the dressing change frequency. A total of 62 participants with diabetic foot ulcers (70 wounds) were divided into two groups: non-macerated (n=52) and macerated wounds (n=18). Each group was evaluated weekly using the Bates–JensenWound Assessment Tool, with follow-ups until week 4. The Mann–Whitney U test showed that the changes in the wound area in week 1 were faster in the non-macerated group than the macerated group (P=0⋅02). The Pearson correlation analysis showed a moderate correlation between maceration and wound healing from enrolment until week 4 (P=0⋅002). After week 4, the Kaplan–Meier analysis showed that the non-macerated wounds healed significantly faster than the macerated wounds (log-rank test=19⋅378, P=0⋅000). The Cox regression analysis confirmed thatmaceration was a significant and independent predictor of wound healing in this study (adjusted hazard ratio, 0⋅324; 95% CI, 0⋅131–0⋅799; P=0⋅014). The results of this study demonstrated that there is a relationship between maceration and wound healing. Changes in the wound area can help predict the healing of wounds with maceration in clinical settings.
  1. Haryanto,Haryanto
  2. Arisandi,Defa
  3. Suriadi,Suriadi
  4. Imran,Imran
  5. Ogai,Kazuhiro
  6. Sanada,Hiromi
Refereed Yes, this version has been refereed
Status Published
Journal or Publications Title International Wound Journal
ISBN ISSN 1742-4801
Publicher Inc and John Wiley & Sons Ltd
Official URL
Volume 24
Number 5
Page Range 0 to 7
Date 30 April 2016


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