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Title A reliability study of wound assessment tools for diabetic p
Abstract Wound assessment tools specifically for diabetic foot wounds are less well developed than those for wounds such as pressure ulcers. The aim of this study was to evaluate the inter-rater reliability of a new wound assessment tool developed for diabetic foot wounds in Indonesia. The results showed that the inter-rater reliability of the MUNGS (maceration, undermining/tunnelling, necrotic tissue, granulation, signs or symptoms) tool was higher than that of a photographic wound assessment tool. The MUNGS tool may help monitor the progression of chronic wounds, especially among people with diabetes.
  1. Suriadi,Suriadi
  2. Gusmiyah,Tisa
  3. Syafei,Supriadi
  4. Kardiatun,Tutur
  5. Maktal,Hartono
  6. Fauzan,Suhaimi
Refereed Yes, this version has been refereed
Status Published
Journal or Publications Title The Diabetic Foot Journal
Publicher The Diabetic Foot Journal
Official URL
Volume 19
Number 2
Page Range 0 to 99
Date 01 Oktober 2016


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